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What are the commonly used materials for automobiles?

What are the commonly used materials for automobiles? Cars come in many parts, no matter what parts are made up of related materials, to introduce the materials commonly used in cars.
The main material of modern cars is steel. Due to the current fuel consumption, emission and safety requirements are becoming more and more strict, the proportion of high-strength steel is increasing. At the same time,  lightweight vehicles is rising, steel is being replaced by more and more aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys and polymer-based composites, but the use of steel is still the largest proportion in automobiles. Take a look at the proportion of materials used in mainstream cars,many engines are all-aluminum engines, and all cast irons are used less and less on engines, mainly for lightweighting. Also look at the mechanical properties of each material, the mechanical properties of steel is better than other materials.
The main advantages of steel application in automobiles:
(1) Benefit from the mass…