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Why are both the 2.0T ,it differs 100 horsepower ?

Nowadays, many automakers will make a big fuss about the engine when they introduce new models.
For example, the same engine will launch two different versions of low power and high power.
So is there any essential difference between these different power versions? Still completely a problem with computer programs? Today, let's talk about the difference between high and low power engines.

What is the difference between the same engine high and low power?

The reason why manufacturers divide the same engine into two different power versions, in addition to distinguishing the difference between high and low, another reason is to save money.
This can save a lot of research and development, production costs!
Therefore, using the same engine to provide different power output has become the mainstream of today.

It can be said that before, the same engine high and low power version did have hardware differences, such as the BMW 3 Series of the F30 generation.

Although both the 320i and 328i u…