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These few rare traffic signs, car owners are always by played!

If there is no electronic device to remind yourself of the speed problem, it is estimated that every day due to speeding, there are auxiliary tools to make yourself easier. After all, the penalty is deducted, and everyone is still very sad. This speeding can be well controlled, but what could I do if I don't understand the traffic signs?

Speaking of traffic signs, the riders complaint whether if the traffic control department is crazy, the transportation hub is varied.A lot of riders are really hard to know the signs on the road, which are continue to be hit!

The following kinds of logos that are easy for people to be hurt, the riders have to see clearly, do not loss the score.

First, turn left lane identification

Under normal circumstances, when you need to turn left or turn around, it is basically the leftmost lane in the same lane, which is set in many places in the country.

But what is said is that very few cities have set the left turn lane logo. This is not the leftest lane …