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The volatilization hazard of automotive interior materials must be emphasized

After China joined the WTO, it officially opened the curtain of entering the first year of automobile consumption. Nowadays, China has surpassed the British to catch up with Japan, and its car ownership has become the second-largest in the world. However, automotive interior materials, some use a lot of rubber, plastics, adhesives and other substances, so that the content of volatile organic compounds in the car exceeded the standard.
These volatile organic compounds are harmful to the human body and can affect the health of the driver. For example, benzene, which can cause leukemia, comes from adhesives, artificial leather, lacquer, and leather. Formaldehyde is mainly derived from knitwear such as seat covers and door linings. These volatile organic compounds are not only harmful to human health but may also condense on the windshield or windows of the car, causing poor visibility and affecting the driver's line of sight and driving safety. Therefore, to properly control the produ…

Which of the strangest car interiors in history have you seen?

Compared to the auto interiors that look strange and even crazy, Xiao Bian thinks it's actually easier to make a striking car directly. However, although thecar interior is limited by space, vision and equipment, not to mention safety and cost, these do not prevent the car company from producing some strange car space and interiors. From sensational color schemes to quirky decorative materials, here are some of the car manufacturers, favorite unusual and even crazy car interiors.

1. Lamborghini Miura Lamborghini Miura is not the first mid-engined car to go on the road, but when it was introduced in 1966, its interior and exterior design shocked the world. Even if we can ignore the outer contour of the car's Bertone, we can't ignore its cockpit because it is almost completely in a prone position. The car is like a racing car with almost no decoration, which makes Lamborghini's claimed maximum speed of 290 kilometers seem more credible.

The two large dials in the cabin cont…