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How to disassemble the Kyre K50 battery, how to replace it?

Kairui k50 battery replacement disassembly installation method steps: first open the battery place, this time we will see a fixed bar on the battery above the buckle, use the 8th wrench to open. It's good to take it off after twisting it. The next step is the most crucial part. It will also involve security issues, so let's step through the steps to tell you the steps.
Here we will see the icon marked with + pole and - pole next to the brick. We have to remove the positive pole first. Because the positive electrode touches the metal, it will reflect the most common is to spark, one will burn the contact, so remember to Be careful not to touch other metals in the process of removing the positive electrode.   Next, repeat the previous step to remove the negative electrode. The negative electrode does not reflect the metal. You can safely disassemble it, but try not to touch the metal and put the new battery on. As the time of the removal, first fasten the fixing bar to the groove…